General Information

Acrophobes is an online multiplayer word game inspired by Acrophobia. While many of the core game-play mechanics are the same, several rules have been altered for a modern feel.

Game Rounds

There are two game rounds:

  1. A General Round, where all of the contestants participate with acros and voting
  2. A Face-Off Round, where the top two contestants from the General Round battle each other for three acros and the rest of the players vote to determine the final winner

General Round:

In the General Round, all of the players are submitting phrase for acros and voting on their favorites.

The Round is split into four Phases:

  1. Pick a category (General Acrophobia for the first Round, then the winner of the last Round picks subsequent Rounds)
  2. Submit Phrases for the acro (60 seconds)
  3. Vote for Phrases (20 seconds)
  4. Scoring, where the phrases, votes and points are shown

General Round Scoring

During the General Round, points are awarded according to the following rules:

  1. Each player gets a point for each vote they got
  2. The winner of a Round gets points equal to the length of the acro
  3. The fastest responder with at least 1 vote gets 2 points (they must have voted for someone else to be considered)
  4. Each player that voted for the winner gets 1 point
  5. A player that didn't vote doesn't get any points for this Round

Face-Off Round:

Once one of the players reaches 30 points, the top two players face-off against each other for three acros:

  1. The top two players submit phrases for three acros (3 15-second Rounds)
  2. The other players vote for the three acros while the top two are submitting phrases
  3. Once complete, all three phrases for both players are shown with their votes

Players get one point for each vote. No additional points are awarded for fasted response, etc.

At least 3 points must be scored in the Face-Off Round for the winner, otherwise neither player wins.

Live vs. Turn-Based Games

A Live game is played online with other players. Game Rounds are driven by the game clock, and proceed automatically. For example, in the Submit Phrase Phase, players get 60 seconds to submit their phrase. If they do not submit a phrase, the game continues to the Voting Phase without them. Live games generally will last 10-20 minutes, depending on how many players are participating.

A Turn-Based game can be played throughout the day or week. Players do not need to be online at the same time. Each Phase has a pre-determined time limit, set by the game's creator. For example, you could set a 1-day time limit. Each Phase will continue immediately if all of the players have submitted their action (eg. submitted a phrase or voted), but if one of the players does not submit their action in the allotted time (eg. 1 day), the game continues without them.